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Our mission

The Marigold Story started with a simple idea. Beautiful, handcrafted things that spark nostalgia and make us smile should be easy to find. Curating a collection and bringing it to a single platform was the intention. We've upgraded your experience on this platform and it offers you handcrafted products in an updated avatar, while staying authentic to the original craft.
The Marigold Story celebrates grass-root level artisans, but also recognizes the evolving tastes of modern customers and the ability of passionate creators to bring these together. From thoughtful gifts to beautiful objects with a great origin story - The Marigold Story brings together a community of artists to bring together a unique collection of trendy, eclectic and hand-crafted wares for you and your home.
Whether you're looking to shop for an occasion, or for the celebration that is life - Your search has ended, so start your journey of discovery here...
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